I thought my five-year-old daughter was going to be throwing glitter around. I quickly realized how magical she is and I watched as she fell in love with herself a little more. I photographed her last June (she's a May baby) but as most mom photographers know, it takes extra time to edit our personal images.

This session was fun AND it was messy. The good thing about fun is it is contagious and the good thing about messes? Well, messes can be cleaned up.

I captured so many great shots of her doing her thing. She was twirling around, blowing the glitter, throwing the glitter in the air, and feeling the glitter with her toes. I hope to remember to capture this again in another 5 years. Heck, we might do it again when she turns 6.

The backdrop, glitter, dress, and tiara I bought off of Amazon *. If you want to use an overlay for a touch more glitter and sparkle, I purchased mine from Cherrbird Photography.

I also really love this body glitter if you want to be even more extra.

I opened Glitter & Glam mini sessions to the public for the first time this year. I am throwing around the idea of offering them twice a year in March and December. They are too much fun not to offer them multiple times.

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